The Importance of Royale Business Presentation or RBP

Just like a kid learning his first baby step, attending RBP or Royale Business Presentation (RBP) is the first baby step, taken by anyone interested in joining Royale Business Club.

Royale Business Presentation

As a Royale member for almost a year, I can provide you several importance of attending RBPs. Just sit back, relax and read on.

For anyone who would want to put up a business, the first that you do is to be able to put your brains around it. When we enter into a business venture, we just don’t plunge into it. This is the first objective of RBP – to give to you in a nutshell, what the business is all about. Here in Royale, we make sure that before you venture into this business, you are fully-equipped with all the necessary baggage (information) that you need to bring along in your journey with us towards SUCCESS. Only because we just don’t want you to take stabs in the dark without making sure you’ll hit your mark. We believe that attending one, is one way for you to HIT your mark- SUCCESS!

Getting to know the products which you will sell come second. Product mastery is very important indeed, after all, you cannot sell something which you don’t have knowledge about. We have several RBPs featuring different speakers, depending on the topic which they have mastery on, from business overview, strategies, to product presentation. It is advised then that your guest attend RBPs at the Royale office instead of doing it elsewhere. Personally, I have attended more than 7 RBPs since joining Royale in June 2013. Every time I have a guest, the first thing I do is schedule an RBP. These RBPs have taught me most, if not all of the things I know about Royale. Constant attendance in RBPs will still enable you to uphold your individuality; in fact I have created my own style and have used it when my guest does not want to attend the RBP at the office.

with jerome cruz

Speakers are also a matter of consideration when attending RBP’s. Admittedly, every time I attend one, I care less who the speaker will be. I thought all speakers are equal, to this I was mistaken. Allow me to tell you a story on this. The last time I attended the RBP I encountered a rude awakening, in the middle of the RBP, my guest asked me if it is alright NOT to finish the RBP. I tried to stop her, but to no avail. I was already under the impression that it was going to be a “bad day”, but being a Royalista, I stayed positive and hoped against hope that it still will end up successful (in one way or another- I thought). God did listen to my prayer when my guest heed to my invitation that she become a sub-distributor. The moral of the story?  From now on, if possible, I will pick which RBP to attend, depending on the kind of topic my guest would want to have knowledge about. Two of my favorite speakers are Jerome Cruz and Racquel Espaldon. Listening to these speakers leave me in awe every time. I always pick up something new and feel like it is my first RBP. No wonder why they are in the top two. As a little trivia for you, Jerome, is a cousin of my friend Sonny (one of my downlines) which I regard as an advantage to our team. I or should I say WE feel so blessed because I can ask Jerome to talk to our guests if he has a chance.

Lastly, these RBPs will enable you to learn intelligent techniques and selling strategies. These too are pretty important to you or us for that matter, in order to achieve the SUCCESS that we all desire.

RBPs benefit guests and distributors alike, which, if mastered, is a powerful weapon in this business. I now understand why we are asked to attend at least five RBPs. If there’s one road to making it BIG in this business, attending RBPs are certainly one of the ways. I therefore encourage you to attend these trainings, so that no matter what questions they throw, these you can answer with confidence and end the day convincing them to join you in this business.

Remember, if we do all that I have mentioned, I truly believe that we could never go wrong in our Royale Business. If we trudge the Royale way, there is the no other way but- UP!

Now, get on your feet! See you the soonest.

(If you are already a distributor and want to take this business to the next level, please attend the seminars and trainings provided by Royale.)

 If you are looking for a part-time or full-time job, take a look at this business by attending the RBP.  Please contact me @ 0916-665-8746 and add me on facebook:

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