How to earn big in Royale Business Club – Commission, Referral and Rebates

Lets discuss the networking side side of the business. This is where the top distributors are earning millions of pesos weekly.  After joining Royale, you invited ten (10) of your close friends to become a business partners and distributors of Royale Business Club. Remember that not all of you friends will join. To be honest, most of the time, your closest friend will not join. Do not be disappointed because that is normal.

 Let just take that two of you friends joined named A and B. Friend A bought package A worth Php 14,490 and you put her on your left side to be your Team A. After encoding A to the system of royale ( you will get a referral bonus of Php 1,610.00 ($36.60). You will also get 150 PPV points, 600 MPV points, and 300 UPV points. Take note that for MPV and UPV points, you need to maintain a certain number of points. We will discuss it later.

Friend B also joined and you put her on your right side to be your Team B. You will then get another Php1,610 as bonus referral .  You will also earn PPV, MPV and UPV points. The system will now see that you have 150 PPV points in the left side and another 150 PPV points in the right side. You will then earn a match sales bonus of Php 2,100.

These are the earnings after friends A and B joined:

Friend A referral commission      – Php 1,610.00

Friend B referral commission      – Php 1,610.00

Match Sales Bonus                     –  Php 2,100.00

Total                                           – Php 5,320.00



Let’s continue, friend A wants to earn too and also do the business. She invited her friends and two of then joined, friend D and C. She will also earn Php 5,320.00 pesos and the MPV, UPV and PPV points. Please take note the she will get the Php 1,610.00 bonus referral from each of her friend. Since she is under your account, you will also earn the MPV, UPV and PPV points. The system will check and it will see that you have 300 ppv points on your left side coming from the two friends referred by Friend A. Since there is no ppv points on your right side, you will not earn Match Sales Bonus.

Friend B wanted to earn too and invited her friends. Friend E and F joined. The system will check again and it will now see that you have 300 PPV points from your left and right. You will then earn two Php 2,100.00 match sales bonus even if you didn’t know Friends C , D, E and F. Royale will say that if not from Friends A and B that joined because of you, there will be no Friends C, D, E and F.

What if another one joined your Team A but no one joined your team B but they are selling or using Royale products?  From Team A you will get 150 PPV points and because the people in Team B is involved in direct selling or buying some products for personal use, you will also earn once the PPV points of Team B reached 75 points. Remember that every products has an equivalent points even those that are not in the package. You will earn Php 1050 Match Sales Bonus from this. For the equivalent points of each product, please refer to price list.

Please see picture below for projection of income if two of your referrals invited two friends and so on.





Every products and package has a Unilevel points. We will now tackle on how we can earn in Unilvel Program. To be entitled to the Unilevel Program, you need to maintain 1,500 Unilevel Points meaning you need to purchase products with equivalent 1,500 UPV points.


For the month of May, I bought 2 bottles of Spirulina (600 upv points), 5 boxes of recharge (500 upv points, and 2 bottles of GLuta700 (400 upv points) for a total of 1500 upv points which is the maintaining points for Unilevel. On the following month (June), all the purchases, products or packages, I will be entitled for rebates.

First, let’s compute the earnings from the product I purchased.

2 bottles of Spirulina = 600 upv points = 600 X 8% = Php 48.00

5 boxes of Richarge   = 500 upv points = 500 X 8% = Php 40.00

2 bottles of GLuta700 = 400 upv points = 400 X 8% = Php 32.00

Total amount =                                                                     = Php 120.00



Friend A was able to sell 10 gluta700 with equivalent 2000 upv points in one day. If we refer to the Unilevel program picture, you are entitled for a 5% rebates on your first level. 2000 UPV points x 5% is equal to Php 100.00. Here are more examples:

Level 1 (5% rebates)

Friend B bought 100 bottles of Spirulina = 30,000 upv points = Php 1,500

Level2 (4% rebates)

Friend C bought 20 bottles of Riqall = 6000 upv points = Php 240.00

You can now see why there are people who are earnings millions of pesos in Royale Business Club. Imagine if you have thousands of business partners.


Multi Level Program


This is similar to Unilevel program but a better one. Unilevel Program is until 10th level only while Mulilevel program is until infinity. You need to maintain 300 points to be entitled except for diamond account which the maintaining mpv is 600. Assuming that I was able to maintain 600 mpv for my diamond account.

Here are some examples:

My Own purchase:

2 bots of Performax = 300 mpv points = Php 105.00 rebate – Using my diamond account

1 Lopulent Rejuv Facial Essence = 200 mpv points = Php 70 rebate-  Using my diamond account

Purchased by my partners/members:

Emerald Level to ID (5% override rebates)

Friend B bought 100 bottles of Spirulina = 3255 mpv points =  Php 162.75

Friend C bought 20 bottles of Riqall = 1075.80 mpv points = Php 53.79

Diamond Level to ID (30% override rebates)

Friend B bought 100 bottles of Spirulina = 3255 mpv points =  Php 976.50

Friend C bought 20 bottles of Riqall = 1075.80 mpv points = Php 322.74

Join us to earn.

For inquiries/distributorship contact:

Mr. Aldous S. Modelo

FB: aldzroyale

Email: [email protected]

Cellphone: +639166658746

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