Choosing the Right Deodorant for You

If you will just let commercials rule you, deodorants may be easy to find. With all the promising and irresistible things being on said TV about deodorants, it won’t come as a surprise if you will think that you can just use any armpit protection.

The thing is, deodorants, no matter how appealing the advertisement is, don’t guarantee that it can solve your underarm problems. Not all will work for your skin. Thus, you should consider several factors first before randomly buying a certain brand.

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To help you out, we run down the things you need to consider in choosing the right deodorant for you. Read on!

  • Antiperspirants or deodorants? The moment you ask yourself this question, you will get an idea what you really need. To give you a heads-up, deodorants neutralize odor while antiperspirants help prevents sweating. If you sweat frequently, we recommend that you get the likes of L’opulent Femme as an antiperspirant as it is proven to reduce sweat. On the other hand, if your body scent is quite strong, getting a deodorant would be the best option.
  • Choose the type. You can always go for stick-gel or roll-on as it gets onto your skin directly. However, if you don’t want to be bothered waiting for your deodorant to dry, we recommend that you use sprays.
  • The scent. It is no secret that most people wear perfumes. If you are one of them, buying scented underarm protection is not ideal. It will only clash with the smell of your perfume and can cause unwanted body scent. Nothing to worry though in choosing unscented deodorants as they are just as effective.
  •  Know the contents. You can’t just grab a deodorant without checking what it contains. Keep in mind that some, if not most, underarm protections contain chemicals like aluminium compounds that can be harmful. They can cause dark underarm, skin irritation, allergies and burning sensation. To avoid any skin problems, it is best to choose alcohol-free deodorant.
  • Be wary if you have sensitive skin. If you already know that you have sensitive skin, go for a deodorant or antiperspirant without fragrance. With this, you can avoid a potential cosmetic allergy or skin irritation. Moreover, give it a thought when you are planning to buy cheaper deodorants. Make sure that it won’t cause any problem that would prompt you to consult a dermatologist later on which will certainly cost you more. Our recommendation? Buy trusted brands for sensitive skin regardless of the price.

Deodorants are must-have. It can give you all-day protection and wellness especially if you are always on the go. However, you must keep in mind that not all brands can offer you underarm solution. In fact, some of them can trigger more skin problems than provide a total solution. Thus, it is not a bad idea if you would take ample of time to get the best product for you. Be a smart-consumer and have a dry underarm all day!

For Orders/Distributorship Contact: +63-916-665-8746

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