8 Keys to Inviting Your Prospects Effectively

INVITING prospect buyers, frontrunners, or business partners seemed to be an enormous hitch to start a wide-ranging network. You might be asking yourself ‘how’ to begin your journey of encouraging people to be part of your success and helping them reach their feat too.


If you are going to think about it, the selling presentation of your business company or network is worthless if you fail to invite prospects, as we call them, to take a foretaste at what you have to offer.

Sadly, INVITING is the slightest skill imparted in network marketing. A lot of network marketers, especially beginners, have no idea on the suitable tactics of inviting, thus, ending up failing to get their prospects.

Basically, the reason why we invite our prospects is to have them understand the business. Effective network dealers know what to talk about and how to properly do it to encourage people become interested to the products or to the network marketing itself.

The ‘experts’ don’t just merely sell products or tell prospects to join him/her in a coffee or lunch meeting to show off the presentation. They have in them the upheld practices that will enormously intensify the number of invitations. They undergo a lot of run-throughs to finally absorb the techniques on how to effectively invite people.

Now, you’ve read it; there are methods to excellently invite your prospects! And yes, we are not going to leave you hanging. We are here to help you be a specialist in inviting because helping people is our way of life!

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  1. BE PREPARED. Don’t be depressed if your prospect says NO. Always prepare yourself for the ‘heartaches’ because not all of your prospects will say YES. However, never say never in prospecting because there is a right time for everything. You will get yes on the person who really is serious about the business. Don’t be mad if you get REJECTIONS, they are definitely normal.
  2. THINK POSITIVE. Always keep in mind that your prospects need you more than you need them.
  3. QUALIFY. Consider qualifying every prospect first before inviting them. Try to see whether they are suitable and capable for the business.
  4. BUILD RELATIONSHIP. Building connection with your prospect before giving information about the business is quite necessary. Know thier personality and attitude as it will help you deliver your proposal effectively.
  5. PUT UP A VALUE. Look for a way to enhance worth to the interaction. Offer him to become one of the first 10 associates to join your network and bid him a position of duty within your network. Your interaction and connection with your prospects will add up to that value.
  6. STRAIGHTFORWARD TACTIC. Directly tell your prospect what it’s all about. Make sure to keep all the information simple and avoid overstatement.
  7. GIVE IT A WAY. Offer your kits to your prospect if necessary. It can be the Audio Visual Presentations or some reading materials. This is recommended if the prospect will be having a hard time meeting you in person. Providing them your resources will constantly make him remember you. Moreover, ask them to inform you after they use the materials and request for a call conversation.
  8. FLATTER THEM. Your honest compliment will give you a way to a tangible interaction and will make the prospect consider the information you will be providing.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you can also try the following supplementary tips:

  • Being Yourself is a MUST
  • Be Concise
  • Make it a habit to invite Daily
  • Avoid being Hooked To The Result
  • Be Zealous
  • Have A Robust Attitude
  • Always Follow Up

The mentioned tips are effective ways to enhance your capability of inviting potential business partners. However, we, in Royale Business Club, still believe in your own supremacy of inviting prospects to join our team. The capabilities, skills, dedication and the hard work you possess are still the finest keys to inspire people. Nevertheless, we are here to support you and bring out the best in you! Happy networking!

For orders/inquiries/membership: Contact us
Phone number: +639166658746 or Email: [email protected]

FB: https://www.facebook.com/aldz.royale

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